Max Rael (maxrael) wrote in goth_musicians,
Max Rael

open submissions for new compilation

Calling all music makers!!
Submissions are now open for the first Zero State Media music compilation.
key points:

- It is free to participate

- Participants retain all rights to their track and license their
track to Zero State Media purely for the inclusion on the compilation

- The compilation will be available to all as a free download (there
may be a limited physical run, but this is yet to be determined)

- It's not essential but we would prefer tracks or mixes that are
exclusive to the compilation

- We will be accepting submissions from today up until June 21st, so
you have time to make something brand new if you feel like it...
release date is Sept 21st 2011

- Whilst tracks do not have to necessarily be expressly transhumanist,
or promoting Zero State ideas and philosophies (though nice if they
are), they can not be explicity contrary to the principles published

- Participation does not guarantee acceptance, we want to make this as
high quality as is possible, so send us something you're proud of

- Whilst there are no genre restrictions at all, the compilation will
have to make sense as a work in itself (many different styles can work
if we can sequence the running order so they complement each other)

- please send initial submissions to the new ZERO STATE MEDIA dropbox

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